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Tony handles all events personally.


This is especially important for wedding receptions. He will meet face to face with the bride and groom to discuss reception particulars. Then, Tony will DJ the reception himself. This way, you're assured that your reception will go however you want it. Many DJs are part of large companies, meaning that you might meet with one person but then have a different person attemd your reception. These companies have 3 or more weddings each weekend. With Tony Peters, he books one wedding each weekend (yours).


Tony has been DJing wedding receptions for over 20 years

 (references available upon request).


Tony can help personalize your reception to your liking. He's not going to tell you "that's not the way it's done." Your wedding is your special day, it should be just the way you like it. This includes fitting the music to your tastes and planning the events at the reception.


Tony has a HUGE collection of music to choose from.


If you want "YMCA" and the "Chicken Dance", he's got that, and so much more. From Big Band to Bob Seger, Ray Charles to the Ramones, Garth Brooks to the Gin Blossoms and everything in-between. Plus, Tony has no problem with playing CDs or mp3s that you lend him to the event.


Tony is a DJ, not a comedian.


He believes that a reception is YOUR time. He announces the appropriate things, but keeps the chatter to a minimum. He also isn't there to play his favorite songs, he's there to make your reception a success.


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